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Taylor Swift’s 1989 has Begun

On October 27, Taylor Swift will release 1989, a re-recorded album that has been greatly anticipated.

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Taylor Swift

On October 27, Taylor Swift will release 1989 (Taylor’s Version), a re-recorded album that has been greatly anticipated. This project has fans all over the world buzzing with excitement, and Swift launched the campaign in style with an interesting teaser.

Taylor Swift will release her re-recorded version of the classic album 1989 in a little more than a month. The singer-songwriter just released an alluring teaser that has social media abuzz, and fans are excitedly counting down the days until its release.

On September 19, Swift posted an animated video to her social media accounts that instantly went viral and previews some of the most eagerly awaited songs off her upcoming album. A vault against a light blue background was seen in the intriguing video, and it suddenly opened to expose a string of letters, an exclamation point, and quotation marks.

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Swift’s devoted following immediately made the assumption that the letters may be the title of a song that will be included as “From The Vault” on 1989 (Taylor’s Version). In addition to re-recording the original tracks for her projects, the singer also gives fans a selection of songs that were written and recorded during the making of the first album but were not previously released.

Taylor Swift

With each re-recorded album, Swift has developed a signature strategy of these animated teasers that give fans a preview of what to anticipate from the upcoming release. Although there are countless options, the predominant opinion holds that Swift is challenging her fans to figure out which of the five brand-new songs will be included on 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

The letters could perhaps mean “Lust!” or, according to some online fans playing around, “Slut!” It’s more likely to be the former, though, considering the song’s time period and intended listeners at the time of its initial composition. Swift’s substantial shift into radio-ready pop in 1989 makes a song with the title “Slut!” an unlikely fit for the general theme and sound of the album, yet it’s not impossible.

Eventually, the title of the song will remain a mystery until either Swift releases the full tracklist for 1989 (Taylor’s Version) or the album itself is released. The Grammy-winning musician has a talent for giving clues without giving everything away, keeping her devoted following interested and anticipating every development.

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Taylor Swift


Because Taylor Swift has been releasing her albums with new recordings for almost two years, she has developed a tried-and-true process. When it comes to how she advertises her sets, the singer has remained largely consistent, and it has been a huge success. She might want to reevaluate how she’s been dispensing the tracks and aim for more massive smashes with her upcoming release, though.

Swift has mostly avoided single promotion with conventional campaigns for the first three of her re-recorded album releases, though she hasn’t fully avoided it. Before a full-length album came out, she occasionally would share a song or two, but the majority of the music wasn’t released until the complete album was. Swift will release 1989 (Taylor’s Version) in less than two months.

Taylor Swift

Swift might take advantage of the tremendous level of anticipation for the revamped versions of many of these tracks. She may release those songs one at a time when 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is released as a complete compilation rather than releasing them all at once. Fans could rush to support each one separately under such strategy, which might improve their performance during their brief periods of exclusivity.

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