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Today, iOS 17 is Accessible

iOS 17 is a free software upgrade that became available today.

by Stella
iOS 17

With significant upgrades to communication applications, StandBy, a new method to use iPhone while it is charging, easier sharing with AirDrop, and more intelligent input that increases typing speed and accuracy, iOS 17 makes iPhone even more personal and intuitive. As of right now, iOS 17 is a free software update.

Upgrades to Incoming Calls are Significant1. The Power of the Tresses: How Hairstyles Make a Difference

The Phone app, which is crucial to the iPhone experience, gets a significant change that enhances the visibility of the important calls. Users can now express themselves in new ways by customizing how they appear when contacting known contacts, including in third-party calling apps, thanks to personalized contact posters. Contact Posters can be customized with lovely photo and Memoji effects, as well as bold typography and font colors.

Users have the option to pick up the phone while a caller is still leaving a voicemail thanks to Live Voicemail, which delivers a real-time transcription as the message is being left. Live Voicemail transcription is handled on-device and remains confidential thanks to the Neural Engine’s strength. Unknown callers are sent directly to Live Voicemail when Quiet Unknown Callers is set, and carrier-detected spam calls are immediately rejected.

iOS 17 Apple

FaceTime: More Ways to Enjoy It

When calling someone who is not available, users can now leave a video or audio message on FaceTime to capture exactly what they want to say. FaceTime calls become more expressive thanks to Reactions, which can be triggered by simple motions and are also available with compatible third-party video conferencing apps like Zoom and Webex by Cisco. Reactions include hearts, balloons, fireworks, and laser beams.

With Apple TV 4K, FaceTime now offers an amazing connected experience. Users can start a FaceTime call on their iPhone and transfer it to their Apple TV via Continuity Camera, or they can start the FaceTime call directly from their Apple TV. Users of Center Stage remain neatly framed when moving about the space.


More Ways to Interact with Messages

With the addition of new capabilities, Messages is now even more user-friendly and enjoyable to use while communicating with the people that matter the most.
The new expandable menu offers quick access to all iMessage apps, giving Messages a more streamlined appearance. Search is more potent and precise with search filters; audio messages are automatically transcribed so users can read them in the moment or listen to them later; replying inline is as easy as swiping on a text bubble; and the new expandable menu provides easy access to all iMessage apps.
With a brand-new sticker experience that includes the capability to generate Live Stickers by stealing subjects from images, users now have another opportunity to personalize their messages. Stickers can have entertaining effects applied, bringing them to life and allowing users to express their creativity.

Users can use Check In, a crucial function included in Messages, to let someone know when they have arrived safely at their location. As soon as a person initiates a Check In, their contact will be alerted instantly when they arrive. The device’s location, battery life, and cell service status are all momentarily communicated with the chosen contact in a secure and private manner if they are not moving closer to their destination.

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iOS 17 iPhone

StandBy Increases the Use of the iPhone While Charging

While the iPhone is charging and lying on its side, a new full-screen experience called StandBy is designed to be viewed from a distance. StandBy may be customized to display different clock styles, favorite photographs, or widgets, such as Smart Stacks, which surface the appropriate widgets at the appropriate moment. It looks great on a desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter. Furthermore, StandBy shows larger notifications, full-screen Live Activities, Siri results, and incoming calls. StandBy adjusts to low light conditions by staying on to display vital information with the Always-On display and turning stunning red with Night Mode. StandBy will keep track of a user’s preferred view while using a MagSafe charging dock.

Sharing is simpler with AirDrop and NameDrop

With AirDrop, sharing with friends, family, and coworkers is now simpler than ever. By putting their iPhone devices close enough, users can swap contact information, including their Contact Poster, using NameDrop, a new AirDrop function. Users can start SharePlay to listen to music, view a movie, or play a game while nearby with the same motion. They can also exchange material. Also, when a user leaves the AirDrop range, AirDrop will add the capability to continue transfers over the internet.

Complete Autocorrect and Dictation Updates

With the addition of a new transformer language model, a cutting-edge on-device machine learning language model for word prediction, autocorrect has undergone a thorough overhaul that will improve the user experience and accuracy each time they input. The updated design better helps typing by momentarily underlining corrected words and allowing users to go back with only a tap. Sentence-level autocorrections can address more varieties of grammatical errors. Sentences may be swiftly completed thanks to inline predictive text, and Dictation’s updated speech recognition model offers better accuracy.

Journaling on Life’s Experiences

A new iPhone software called Journal encourages users to think back on significant and routine life experiences. Personalized ideas can be intelligently curated from a user’s recent activities, such as images, people, places, workouts, and more, to help inspire a user’s journal entry, and scheduled notifications can support the development of a journaling habit. Journal is designed to secure a user’s privacy and make sure no one — including Apple — can see a user’s entries. This is done through the use of end-to-end encryption, the ability to lock the app, and on-device processing. Developers will be able to include journaling ideas in their apps with the new Journaling Suggestions API. In a software upgrade later this year, the Journal app and Journaling Suggestions API will be made accessible.

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Features Not Included in iOS 17

With the help of profiles, Safari keeps browser data for topics like business and personal surfing distinct, including history, cookies, extensions, Tab Groups, and Favorites. When not in use, Private Browsing is now locked, providing increased security against both browser trackers and unauthorized users of the user’s device.
Users can share passwords with a select group of trusted contacts for simpler and more secure password and passkey sharing. Sharing is end-to-end encrypted because it takes place through iCloud Keychain.
New mental health capabilities are available in the Health app. Users may readily access depression and anxiety assessments frequently used in clinics, services available in their area, and a journal of their daily moods and fleeting feelings. They can also identify what might be contributing to their state of mind.

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