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Lauren Boebert Claims She “Fallen Short of Values.”

Congresswoman apologizes after being removed from a musical event in Colorado due to inappropriate behavior

by Stella
Lauren Boebert

The US congressman Lauren Boebert apologized after being asked to leave a Beetlejuice performance in Denver due to unacceptable behavior, describing the situation as “tough and humbling.”

Representative Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, and a male guest were kicked out of the theater on September 10 for vaping, filming, and upsetting other audience members during the Sunday performance. They were captured on camera aggressively groping each other while seated.

Initially, Boebert and her campaign manager denied that she vaped and claimed that she was fired for being too noisy. But, surveillance footage obtained by Denver television station 9News reveals the congresswoman vaping in public as the performance was going on.

Boebert was vaping, which is forbidden, as two additional sources confirmed to 9News after ushers made repeated attempts to speak with her about it.

According to the New York Post, a pregnant woman contacted Boebert and begged her to cease vaping. Boebert objected though.

The unidentified woman told The Washington Post that the folks in front of them “were awful.” I have never previously witnessed such behavior.

The Surveillance footage also captures the visitor touching Boebert’s breasts after they have taken their seats. In the room, Boebert is also seen patting one of her visitors’ crotches.

In the second act of the musical, security later removed Boebert and her date because of their persistent disruptive behavior.

I’ve done my best to manage it with fortitude and elegance, but on Sunday I just didn’t live up to my standards, Boebert said.

In May, Boebert filed for divorce from Jayson, her spouse. They had been married for almost two decades.

Tuesday was the official confirmation of Boebert’s disruptive behavior at the musical; at first, the lawmaker tried to claim that she had been ejected for appreciating the show excessively.

Boebert stated that she “[pleaded] guilty to laughing and singing too loud” on X, now known as Twitter.

The Colorado congresswoman was narrowly re-elected in 2022, and she is now serving her second term.

She is one of the most extreme right-wing members of Congress and is well known for her bigoted remarks.

Lauren Boebert


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